Safely to the
last single drop

  1. Waste Free
  2. Denaturation Free
  3. Contamination Free
  4. Infinite Design Flexibility
  5. Green Earth Technology


Innovation for Perfection and Sustainability Green Technology for Sustainable Development Safe Containing, Perfect Protection, Perfect Saving, Ultimate Satisfaction, to the last single drop


waste free

Innerbottle solution allows you to participate in saving earth, make our world sustainable. Innerbottle allows to use the contents more than any other conventional dispensers leaving less than 3% of residue. This not only provides satisfied user experience but also contributes environment protection.

denaturation free

The most important function of container is to contain contents safely and preserve without any denaturation. Using innrebottle, contents are safely protected from oxidation or denaturation by non-air exposure environment.

contamination free

With our innercell technology and vacuum protection innerbottle prevents contents contaminated by various environmental hormones and other contaminants.

green earth

Innerbottle focuses on containing solution development to keep Earth green. Innerbottle is suitable for sustainable development goals by increasing outer shell recycling rate and providing plastic replaceable solutions.


innerbottle is very cost competitive not only for optimizing the manufacturing cost but also for minimizing recycling cost and maximizing recycling rate which are directly related to cost.

design flexibility

Innerbottle solution can be applied to any size and shape of containers and packages, maximizing package design flexibility.